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What is Mazito?

Mazito aspires to be the world's first and largest Pets virtual community. Giving pets their proper identity and launching the world's largest pets' networking & pets' Market Place online.

What does Mazito mean?

Mazito's name refers to a cheerful and bright being who is active and communicative. Mazito, as a being, always sees the bright side of things and accepts life for what it is.

What is a guest user?

A guest user is a viewer who has not registered his or her pet and simply wants to learn more about the app and its features.

Can I add over 1 pet, and how can I switch between pets?

Yes, if you have over one pet. To change a pet, go to the menu bar and select the switch pet button. It's really that simple. When you swap one pet for another, everything related to the switched pet changes. (Schedules, friends, pairing, sharing etc)

What exactly is a panic button?

The panic button is a feature that allows you to request any type of emergency to alert the community, such as a lost pet or a medical emergency.

Can I press a panic button for another user?

Yes, by posting information about the pet and its owner.

What is the schedule?

The schedule feature streamlines all of your pet's schedules for playtime, food time, and medication/vaccination time. Once established, the schedule will remind the user of alerts for each section.

How Can I make schedules?

You may set schedules for your pet or several pets once, daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the user's preferences.

How do I make Friend requests?

Add any friend by making a request using the friend's feature icon. Search for a friend by owner or pet name. And to top it off, Mazito will also make recommendations based on your pet's hobbies, breed, and species.

How do I do Pairing?

By clicking on the “my friends” feature button, the user may send pairing requests to friends or even non-friends. However, pairing requests can only be made to the same breed or species. We do not currently offer cross-breed pairings.

What is the best way to unfriend a pet?

Unfriending a pet is as simple as going to my friend function, clicking on any existing friend, and un-friending.

What is the best way for me to deliver messages?

Users can send messages by heading to the chat option in the navigation bar. And also by navigating to the “my friends” feature, the user can also chat with their new friend from the list.

What is a recommended post and what is the difference between a recommended and a public post ?

When a person recommends a post to his or her community, this is referred to as a recommended post. When another user reads a post suggested by a friend, he or she will be prompted to recommend it. A public post is one that anybody may see or share with his or her community.